when you feel most relaxed

On vacation. I can’t truly relax unless I can take an extended break from work obligations, which is difficult when you are a small business owner.

But I’ve taken steps to be more relaxed in my day to day life as well. For example, I no longer get email notifications on my phone. I ignore most text messages received after 8 pm. I don’t check Facebook messenger very often…maybe once every couple of weeks. In fact, I’ve turned off the chat options in most apps I use. There is a small handful of people I want to be in touch with, and those people know how to reach me.

Also — increasing my exercise has helped release tension, as has increasing my weed intake.

a mistake that helped you grow

Instead of focusing on a particular mistake, I’ll just say that I try to always learn from my mistakes. Those are really the best lessons in life. Nobody is perfect, so failures will happen, but learning from your missteps makes you better. I find comfort in that, and, as a result, I fear failure much less than I once did.


Or as close as I can get to it anyway.

We bought this print on Duval when we were in Key West on our honeymoon. I fell in love with all the roosters down there. This now lives in my kitchen. I’ve considered framing it and hanging it on the wall, but I kind of like it where it is, between the coffee maker and the UCBC mini keg growler.