August blog challenge: day 17

How do you feel about school? What were your favorite subjects as a kid? 

I think it goes without saying that I believe education to be of the utmost importance. So many issues in our society could be fixed by ensuring that everyone is given a proper educational foundation.

I have a law degree, so I went to school for a long time. For the most part, I loved being in school. I love learning. I graduated high school with honors. I went on to university and received a BA in English. I then went to law school where I received my Juris Doctorate. I’ve considered doing an online program for an LLM in tax, but I just don’t have the time.

As a kid, my favorite subject by far was english/language arts. I have always excelled in that area. I also enjoyed geography and history. I was never a huge math and science fan, though I did like chemistry a lot more than the other sciences.


it’s alarming…

just how many people around me seem to be consumed by bitterness.

It’s such an ugly place to be, and it makes me sad for them.

It also makes me grateful for the little happy bubble I’ve managed to build around myself.  I have to work harder not to allow others to penetrate the bubble. The bubble is sacred.

accountability post

I had a date with my treadmill tonight.

The first half was a preprogrammed weight loss workout. I had never tried one before. It was essentially 20 minutes of alternating running and walking at a high incline.

The second was just a brisk walk. My knees were killing me and I couldn’t find my braces tonight, so running any further was not possible.

I also told Nancy I’d go to boot camp and then yoga with her on Saturday morning. On Sunday, D and I are hiking with B. I’m trying to ramp up my activity level, but in fun ways (when possible). So far, so good. I’m hoping I’ll see a small loss on Monday morning.