Ugh…what a day!

Can’t trust a Monday.

I’m only finally getting to eat at 3:30.

I’ve been in court all day – different courts too – so I’ve been running around like a crazy person, dealing with shitty people and their stupid bullshit. I’m proud to say I was extremely gracious throughout, despite being hangry and hot. Ugh it’s so fucking hot.

It’s going to be a tequila kind of night.

A+ would eat again

We haven’t been to the grocery store, and we’ve been trying to clear out the fridge/freezer/pantry, so I finally took the plunge on these frittatas I bought at TJ a while back.

And holy fuck they were good! Way better than I was expecting.

I had mine with some light sour cream and hot sauce.

I’m going to need to hit up TJ soon and stock up. These have 25g of protein!

And now I’m off to Pinterest to pin frittata recipes. 💛

a work in progress: the fall decor project

I made some progress this weekend. There was a fabulous 25% off sale at Kirkland’s and I took full advantage. In fact, I’ve been twice this weekend.

The foyer table:

The dining room table:

The buffet and the porch are still in transition, but I did buy a new wreath, and I put out some of the pumpkins. I know it’s not quite Halloween season yet, but I giveth no fucks.

Now if it would just cool down a bit. It’s still in the 90s and I hate, hate, hate it. I’m hoping it will be cool enough next weekend to light up the firepit when our family is here visiting. *fingers crossed*

the insomnia chronicles

I have insomnia, and the internet is boring, but I’m too lazy to fetch my Kindle from the other room. This is a recurring theme.

My husband woke up briefly, mumbled, “Hi you’re up,” and then immediately started snoring again. I envy his ability to sleep.

I, on the other hand, fell asleep around 2 am and woke around 4:15 am. Sigh.

I’ve never been a good sleeper, but it has definitely gotten worse post-menopause. Just another reason to miss my ovaries.

I was talking to a client last week who is also a fellow breast cancer survivor. We’ve had all the same surgeries. We commiserated for a while, but then she asked, “But doesn’t it feel good knowing we did everything we could?” And, yes, yes it does.

I’m going to ask my oncologist to prescribe some sleeping pills. I need some relief. This is ridiculous.

I FEEL LIKE I’M AWAKE ALL THE TIME. This is not good for one’s mental health, let me tell you.

It reminds me of my grandmother, actually. She always seemed to be awake too. See…I’m old. BUT I’M ONLY 40. *lol sob*

Speaking of old, the fans at the Blink concert had me feeling quite old. I kept thinking: these are not my people. (DMB has spoiled me). It was still a good show though, and it was fun watching my husband and daughter do their thing. ❤️

I miss Tom a lot. The band just isn’t the same without him. We’re seeing him next Sunday though, so yay! Oh and I can’t hear Matt Skiba without thinking about my favorite Alkaline Trio song. This has been stuck in my head all night:

This Could Be Love

I’ve got a book of matches
I’ve got a can of kerosene
I’ve got some bright ideas involving you and me
I don’t blame you for walking away
I touch myself at thoughts of flames
I shat the bed and laid there in it
Thinking of you wide awake for days
Wide awake for days


I was so excited to get an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

This started off as kind of dull for me. I kept thinking: why do I care? All of the characters are rather unlikeable, which doesn’t help. BUT…the last half really picked up, and all the pieces started falling together. Suddenly, I couldn’t stop reading!! The last 25% was super twisty and fast paced. Don’t give up if it seems slow at first. It’s worth riding it out. Recommended!