I hauled my ass down to Clayton this afternoon and received some very high end legal advice. Now I have to decide what to do with it.

He was also very complimentary of my own legal skills, which gave me a much needed confidence boost. He’s representing me for free, so it isn’t like he had anything to gain by saying it.

So much to think about.

two pink pills

I took two Benadryl and now I feel tired and floaty.

And strangely panicked.

My husband is asleep beside me. I’m envious of how quickly he can fall asleep.

Deep breathing.

It’s hot under this comforter. (We call it our Depeche Mode comforter because we bought in when we traveled to Chicago to see that show). It’s very heavy…almost like one of those weighted anxiety blankets. I love it, but it’s a bit warm for summer. Even when we keep it 68 degrees at night.

None of this matters, and yet the writing itself somehow soothes me.

The grandfather clock just rang midnight.

I hope I dream about something beautiful.

Goodnight 💙