let’s call it a night

It’s only 9:20 pm, but everyone is in bed; the house dark and quiet. I decided we needed an early night. It has been a long day.

We had a tornado scare, like a major tornado was not terribly far from us, and the weatherman was predicting it would come closer. I quickly ushered Jackson and the pets down into the basement. Our basement is not yet finished, so this was not particularly comfortable. I was watching the news on my iPad, and once the tornado was closer, Bismarck, Jackson, and I huddled under the staircase. I’m not normally frightened during tornado warnings, but this one kind of fucked me up. I had to work hard to keep up a calm front. While reassuring Jackson, I was also furiously texting with D, Grant, Karen, and Annie, which helped. Both D and Grant are out of town, and I could detect how frustrated and helpless they both felt. Luckily, we are all safe, and I haven’t yet detected any damage from the storm.

There is, however, a leak in one of the windows on the front door. So that has been fun. I’m not a particularly handy person, so it’s not like I can caulk it. It’s currently rigged with a hunk of gauze and a towel. Lol. Hey, as long as my wood floor is protected idgaf.

We were supposed to meet Carrie for dinner tonight, but that was obviously rescheduled. So tomorrow night the four of us are going out. Yay!! Something to look forward to.

This was a weird day. Court in the morning. Then the orthodontist. Then I did a bit of work from home, but i couldn’t really concentrate. I’m actually looking forward to being in the office tomorrow.

I tried reading, but couldn’t concentrate on that either. I ended up watching the first episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I actually quite liked it. And the clothes!!! Swoon!

I’m feeling tired and out of sorts. I slept like shit last night. I just took melatonin, and hopefully I’ll pass out shortly. Except someone just started setting off fireworks. In a storm. What in the actual fuck??!


It’s only Tuesday, I know, but…

I’m really super-duper much looking forward to the upcoming holiday weekend. I’m pumped that we will all be together, and I’m in planning mode. I’d like to do some outdoor stuff, weather permitting. The kids are begging me to take them to the pool. I’d like to maybe do a family hike. Oh and we are for sure playing D&D, as well as trying out the new games I got for Mother’s Day.

I. Can’t. Wait.

I love that we always have the kids over Memorial Day weekend. What a fantastic start to the summer!

the final episode

Some of my favorite Game of Thrones memes inspired by the final episode.

Just read that GRRM is saying his ending will be different than the show. Hey, bro, less yapping, more writing. At this point, we’ll be lucky if he doesn’t fucking die first. A bit bitchy I know, but fuck. We’ve been waiting for the next book for eight fucking years.

Anyway…I plan to watch the last episode again once D gets home from his trip.

One color

You could say I’m obsessed with pink. Haha. This is my night stand as it currently is, and it’s not even staged. I just fucking love the color pink.

This was yesterday’s prompt, and I was going to wear my pink Nicole dress for the #fmspad_style challenge, but then I was too tired/lazy to make an effort yesterday. So you get this instead.