It recently occurred to me that the upcoming holiday season is going to be way different.  I’ve consulted my parenting plan, and it looks like I will have Jackson on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.  So now I have to figure out what to do.  I’m talking with my sister about doing something on both days.  I want the holidays to be special for Jackson, and not just the two of us sitting alone at home. The only time I ever feel especially bummed about not having a close family is during the holidays.  Plus, the holidays bring up a lot of bad memories from my childhood. I want to break that cycle now that I have my own child.

I was freaking out about the idea of not having Jackson all day on Christmas, but I guess it won’t be too bad, because I will have him Christmas morning, which will be awesome.  This will be the first year that he will actually be excited about opening presents. I can’t wait.  I’m going to go all out this year: a tree, stockings, Santa, all of it.  Grant was never into having a Christmas tree, and the damn cat would have destroyed it anyway.  For once, I’m actually looking forward to the holidays. After I drop him off at Grant’s place, I will just go see a movie or something.  Maybe Robert will still be up for our annual Chinese dinner tradition.

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