I completed my first 5k this morning.  I’m so excited to have it done. I feel really good about how it went, even though I felt like crap when I crossed the finish.  I thought my time was going to really suck, but it was actually my best time yet. The wind was intense, and at one point my headphones blew out of my ears. I ran the first mile too fast, because I suck at pacing.

There were a lot of kids there who ran the 5k, which I thought was awesome.  It would be so much fun to run with Jackson someday.

With Kristie after the run.  Kristie and Tim came to cheer for me.  They are so cute. My friends are awesome.

My results:

Not too bad for my first time, and certainly a significant improvement over where I started. Plus, it was kind of fun.

I’m signed up for the Jingle Bell 5k for Arthritis on Nov 18th. I think it would be more fun with a partner, so I need to ask someone to run it with me.

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