I’m feeling good right now.  Very positive.

I met my new surgeons today, and they seem amazing.  The breast surgeon came highly recommended.  She’s considered one of the best in the state.  I was mostly nervous about meeting the plastic surgeon, because I was extremely unhappy with what I heard and saw at my last consultation.  Luckily, she is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, experienced, and her work is amazing.  In fact, I’m actually convinced that my breasts will look better after all is said and done. For the first time since getting diagnosed, I really feel like everything is going to be okay.  It’s going to take a long time getting there, but I will get there.

My surgeon gave me more info about my cancer today. She told me I have Stage 2 Infiltrating Lobular Carcinoma, Pleomorphic Type, Grade II. Three tumors total.  It responds to hormones, which means I need hormone therapy.  It is Her-2 negative, which is apparently a good thing.  I got blood drawn for the genetic testing.  They are pretty convinced I will test positive for the breast cancer mutation, because of my age and the type of cancer I have.  If I test positive, they will want to remove my ovaries because I’ll have a 70% chance of getting ovarian cancer too. I don’t particularly care about that, since I don’t want more children, but it’s just another sucky part of this entire thing.

I found out I had cancer exactly one week ago.  I survived my first week.  Yay!

It has been so difficult, but I’ve determined that I am an incredibly lucky person.  My friends and family are absolutely amazing.

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