My surgery was moved to Wednesday afternoon.  I’m pleased, because it means one less day with cancer.  The only thing that sucks is that I will miss my appointment with my Rheumatologist, which is currently set for that afternoon, and I really need to see him.  My joints are a total mess. 

Stupid medical conditions.

More importantly, I need to talk to my Rheumatologist to see if he thinks that taking Enbrel caused (or contributed to) the breast cancer.  I’ve done a bit of research on that issue, and there are conflicting opinions.  When it was first prescribed for me in 2005, after all the other options had failed, I was told that taking Enbrel would lead to an increased risk of Lymphoma and “other cancers”.  Regardless of what he believes, it will be up to me to decide if I will resume taking Enbrel (or any other TNF blocker) to control the symptoms of my psoriatic arthritis.  This is actually a huge decision, because without this medication my joints are typically too inflamed and painful to allow me to function in my day to day life.  I feel like I’m fucked if I do, and I’m fucked if I don’t.  I wish there was a way to know for sure.

I kind of hate my body, because it clearly hates me.

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