I went to see the plastic surgeon today.  She says I’m looking good, and removed the last two drains, which hurt like OMFG.  So I’m drain free for a few hours.  I’m getting a new drain in my left arm this afternoon during surgery to remove the lymph nodes.  I’m also getting my chemo port.  I hope it isn’t too terribly unpleasant.  I was just starting to feel a little like myself again. 

She’s going to start my fills on January 3rd.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’m anxious to get started on all of this stuff.  The sooner we start, the sooner it’s over. 

I’m so very hungry and thirsty.  I haven’t had anything since midnight, and the surgery isn’t until later this afternoon.  This seems like overkill to me, but whatever.  I’m being a good patient.

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