you know you love these pointless posts

  • This port sucks balls.  Just saying. I have a nasty incision under my arm, but this port is somehow worse. The drugs provide no relief. 
  • I’m home now.  Yay!
  • I’m in pain, but I’m trying to not let it get me down.
  • I’m meeting my oncologist tomorrow.  His name is Dr. Michael Naughton.  He’s at the West County Barnes, which is convenient.  I’m anxious to hear about my upcoming treatments.
  • I ordered all of Jackson’s Christmas presents on Amazon.  I got free two day shipping because I decided to try the Amazon Prime trial.  I am so excited about Christmas.  He is going to love the stuff I got him.  He is getting a train table, two new wooden Thomas trains, a Wonder Pets Flyboat, Thomas wall stickers for his bedroom, a few books, puzzles, and bath toys.  At some point, I am going to venture out and get him some pajamas and maybe a couple of outfits. It’s hard to know where to draw the line with gifts, because I love buying stuff for him.  I still have a few other people to buy for, and for once, I have good ideas.
  • Shows: I’m giving up on some of the shows I used to watch.  I realized I was just watching them out of habit.  I spent a lot of time watching shows with Grant, because he wanted to watch them.  Now I can watch whatever I want.  I have picked up How I Met Your Mother, The Walking Dead, and The Tudors. I’m super excited about the return of Girls and Game of Thrones.  I also read that new episodes of Bar Rescue will be airing soon. 
  • I’m considering buying a second Roku for the upstairs television.  Roku is the best invention ever.
  • I have Jax this weekend.  I’m thinking we should make Christmas cookies. 
  • I’m so ready to get back to the gym.  I want to run!  I’m happy to say, however, that I’m still losing weight.  My friends are starting to yell at me about it though.  They think I’ve gotten too thin.  In my mind, this is not possible.
  • I’ve been getting through the rough times lately by thinking about a vacation I’m planning for the summer.  I haven’t been on a real vacation in a long time, and I’m looking forward to it.
  • Okay enough is enough. 
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