I woke up this morning feeling slightly more human.  The exhaustion and nausea have lessened a bit.  I still feel shitty, but comparatively it isn’t too bad.  I have been going to bed really early, which feels weird.  My entire schedule has been thrown off.

I finished The Fault In Our Stars, and it was great.  I cried, of course, because everything makes me cry nowadays.   So book #2 of 2013 has been completed.  I have a list of others I want to read, but I’m not sure which to go with.   I’m still waiting for The Red Devil to arrive.  It shipped from the UK over 3 weeks ago.  I’m getting frustrated.

I’m hoping to feel good enough to go to the gym this afternoon.  My goal is to run/walk 1 to 2 miles.  It’s clear to me now that running a half marathon in April is NOT HAPPENING.  There is just no way that is feasible for me during chemo. I’m actually not that upset about it though, because there will be another opportunity in October.  Ultimately, I have to listen to my body and take care of myself.  I don’t want to run myself down even further.  I’ll concentrate on 1 to 6 miles during chemo.  That’s the new plan.

Every morning I wake up and tug on my hair.  So far, it is definitely still attached to my scalp.  I know it’s too early for hair loss anyway, but the thought is always present. I have Jax today, but I’m going to the wig shop tomorrow after I drop him off at school.  I hope I find something cute.

We have a play date today.  Yay!

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