I have picked up a bunch of new followers, and have received some very nice messages from blog readers.  Thanks, everyone. It means a lot to know doing this makes a difference, and that I have support from so many people.

Chemo Day 7: Feeling pretty good.  Not normal, but much better.  I’m back at the office today, which is great.  I was slowly losing my mind by sitting at home. 

Poor Jackson is sick. Both of his ears are infected.  I took him to see the doctor yesterday afternoon, so now he has antibiotics, and is hopefully on his way to feeling much better.  He’s with his daddy until tomorrow.  I miss him.  I’m taking him to do this on Saturday.  He’s going to flip.  He’s obsessed with trains, especially Thomas, and they have a Thomas ride for the little ones.  Thanks to Nini for telling me about it.

I’ve started to lose weight from the chemo diet.  Nothing tastes right anymore.  I’ve so far discovered that soda and ice cream are gross now.  I’m trying to find stuff I can tolerate, because I’m not getting enough calories.  I’m four pounds away from being considered underweight.  I never thought I’d have this problem as an adult. Ha ha.  I had this problem a lot as a teen.  The good news is that, for once, my weight doesn’t change my breast size.  The silver lining.

I feel so scattered nowadays.  My thoughts are all over. I am having a difficult time concentrating.  I think this is commonly referred to as “chemo brain."  It’s here.

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