I finished The Red Devil: To Hell With Cancer and Back.  It was amazing.  I highly recommend it.  Katherine Russell Rich was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1988, when she was 33 years old (like me). She ended up battling cancer for almost 25 years before she died in April 2012. She was amazing. This book is amazing. I can’t think about it anymore, because it makes me cry.

I’m thankful for people like her, who are willing to put their experiences out there for the world to see, so that we may benefit.

The book is hard to find, as it is out of print.  I bought mine used through Amazon, from a seller in the UK.  I got a good deal.  Some of the new copies go for $100, but I think mine was around $20.  If anyone local wants to read it, let me know and you can borrow my copy.

I’m going to track down her second memoir: Dreaming in Hindi: Coming Awake in Another Language.

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