I have been feeling really good the last few days.  Almost normal.  I’m dreading chemo on Friday because I don’t want to go back to feeling crappy. 

I have gotten a lot done so far this week.  I gave myself two projects for the week: cleaning/organizing the apartment & making chili.  I have been cleaning and throwing stuff out since yesterday afternoon.  I went to work on Monday morning, got home around 2:30, and started.  My closet looks so much better.  I tried on almost everything in my closet and most of it was too big.  I got rid of that, and threw out a bunch of stuff I haven’t worn in a while.  I still have a lot to do, but I’m making progress, and that makes me happy.  I hate living with clutter. 

As for the chili, I went out this morning and bought everything I needed.  It has been cooking most of the day.  It turned out really well.  It’s pretty spicy, which I love.  Most chili isn’t spicy enough for my liking, but this one is perfect. I will do a few things differently next time, but I’d say it’s a success for my first attempt.  I made cornbread muffins to go with it.  Those turned out well, and Jackson likes them, which is great.   Learning to cook is one of my goals for 2013.  I’m off to a good start.

  I put cheese and sour cream on mine. Yum.

  Baking is surprisingly fun.

Speaking of resolutions, I just started book #4 for January, so I’m already ahead of schedule.  I’m currently reading Damned by Chuck Palahniuk.  So far it’s just as crazy as all of his other stuff.

I’m meeting with my breast cancer mentor, Catherine, on Thursday.  We are going to have a long lunch.  We have been emailing for over a week, and she seems great. I think this is going to be very helpful.  She has already answered a bunch of my questions.  I hope we hit it off and end up friends.

Jax is doing a lot better today.  The first thing he said this morning was, “Mama, my boo boo is all gone."  I thought we were good, and he would leave the wound alone.  WRONG.  Within the hour, he had bitten the glue from his fingertip, leaving a big raw patch of skin exposed.  I cleaned it, put ointment on it, and bandaged it really well.  I swear, this kid is going to be the death of me.  But man he’s cute.

I’m tired now.  Being domestic is exhausting.

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