bye bye hair

My hair started falling out today.  While I was flat ironing it this morning, a big handful came out. By lunch, my scalp was extremely sore, and when I found out my wig had arrived at the shop, I decided to shave my head.  So now I am bald, and my head is cold.  I didn’t cry, though.  In fact, it wasn’t really that bad.  My scalp feels way better now.  And because I promised to keep it real, I present you with my bald ass head:


I’m kind of scary with my bald head and lack of make up. Oh well…here it is.  The thought of this right here is what made me bawl hysterically when the nurse brought me into a back room to tell me they thought I had cancer.  This.  Being bald.  Not dying, but loss of hair.  (In my defense, I was in shock) How stupid is that?  It’s really fucking stupid.  Now that it’s finally here, I realize that being bald isn’t that big of a deal.  Cancer may have stolen my hair, but I will keep my life. That is a good trade, I think.

Here is my wig.


This iPhone pic doesn’t show the color accurately.  It’s actually a darker brown than it looks here. I need to have the bangs trimmed, but otherwise it’s not too bad.

I want to thank three people for making this a much more tolerable day for me.

Kristie: She is always there for me.  She stood beside me while the lady buzzed my hair, and then she paid for the cut, because she said nobody should have to pay to have their hair taken away by cancer. 

Ann: I texted her this morning about my hair, and she stopped by at lunch with flowers.


Then she took me to dinner tonight.  She’s a peach.

Rick: Because he shaved his head and his (horrible) mustache just for me.


Thanks, guys. You made a crappy day much more tolerable.

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