the steroids have left the building

Now that the steroids are out of my body, I am feeling much more like myself.  My emotional breakdown yesterday was caused at least in part by them.  That’s not to say that stuff doesn’t suck kind of hard right now, but the evil steroids were not helping.  They make me super hungry and super emotional.  Aka: fat and crazy.  So anyway, they are gone now, and I am feeling much better. 

A chemo recovery pattern is emerging.  On Friday night following a treatment, I will crash hard.  The weekend is pretty much fucked, but with a few good moments.  Monday sucks.  Tuesday is slightly better.  On Wednesday, I feel what I’m referring to as “normal crappy”, which is comparatively awesome.  The next week and a half I will feel mostly normal, and then it will be back to the dreaded chemo lounge.  Ugh.

I realized yesterday that I am very lucky to have so many amazing and supportive people in my life.  This was made even clearer today by a particularly nasty relative of mine (who shall remain nameless).  I think it really says something about a person who cannot be bothered to ask how you are doing during one of the worst times of your life, but instead goes directly into what you must do for them.  I don’t have time for toxic people in my life.  I cut most of them out a long time ago, but it seems that I have some more cutting to do.  Good riddance. I won’t miss you.

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