• My trainer kicked my ass yesterday.  I had a guy come up to me afterward to tell me he had been watching, and was impressed that I made it through, since he didn’t think he could have. He was in really good shape, so that was a nice compliment. In case you were wondering, jumping rope is super hard.  I used to do it all the time as a kid. Now…it’s not pretty.  Holy fuck. 
  • Tomorrow is chemo #3. I’m dreading it.
  • I had my third fill today.  Everything is looking really good, and even though I’m sore right now, I like the results. The nurse said I will likely have my exchange surgery in May.  I’m way excited.
  • I had a good day yesterday, and an even better night.  I got to hang out with my awesome boyfriend.  We had dinner, and then watched The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret.  That show is really funny.
  • I want season 2 of The Most Popular Girls in School to start.
  • The new Tegan & Sara album is pretty good. It’s no So Jealous, but what is?  I’m excited for the concert in March.  I’ve been listening to them a lot lately, and rediscovering old songs.  I love that.  I cannot listen to So Jealous without being reminded of studying for the bar exam.  I listened to it on repeat when I drove to Jefferson City to sit for the exam. It’s weird to think that was over six years ago.
  • My range of motion is almost back to what it was pre-surgery.  This makes me very happy.  I still have a difficult time opening jars and bottles, but I’m pleased with my overall progress.
  • Why are cherry sours so good?  I cannot buy more of these. They are addicting.
  • I’m planning to spend the weekend in my comfy bed, watching movies, and eating all the things (because steroids are evil).  I have a crap ton of horror movies in my Netflix instant queue, so I guess I will start there.
  • I AM SO TIRED. I need to start going to bed earlier.
  • This post is boring. Peace out.
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