I’ve been a bit depressed the last week or so, because I have been so sick.  Chemo is kicking my ass.  It’s taking longer to feel better, and the various side effects have gotten more intense.  I had a migraine for the last two days.  I’m finally starting to feel better.  I’m scared to say that though, because last time I said that I started feeling bad again.

Friday is chemo #4.  I’m hoping it won’t be even worse than this round.  I’m scared.  Last night, I cried about it.  That’s how bad it has gotten.  I felt better after cuddling with Jackson for a while. He is the reason I am going to continue to subject myself to this. I have to be okay for him.

I’m grateful that I’m feeling better today.  I’m not feeling good, but definitely better.  I think this is going to be a good week, so I’m trying to stay upbeat.  I really do believe that attitude plays a big part in how I feel.  If I make an effort to be happy, then I’m usually happy. 

I’ve read two Gillian Flynn books in the past week.  Dark Places and Gone Girl.  They were both great.  She is quickly becoming a favorite.  I can’t wait to start Sharp Objects

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