just because

  • The only things I want to eat anymore: burritos from Chipotle, green chile bagels with jalapeno salsa cream cheese from Einstein Bros. Bagels, and greek yogurt mixed with fruit.  Nothing else ever sounds good.  I haven’t been cooking much the last two weeks, because it doesn’t seem worth the effort.  Jackson usually refuses to eat anything I prepare, and I don’t care enough to try just for me.
  • The Neighbourhood recently released two new songs, and I love them.  All of their songs are amazing.  I stalk their website, because I’m hoping they will be coming to St. Louis soon.  Chicago works, too.  I’m willing to travel.
  • I have to say it again: Gillian Flynn. Why are you so awesome?
  • All I want to do is read.  I haven’t been watching much television in the last few months.  It’s weird, because when I was married, I feel like that’s all we ever did.  I like this better.
  • But speaking of television, I’m really enjoying Girls and The Walking Dead.  I’m kind of over Grey’s, though it pains me to admit it.  I don’t feel like I can stop watching it though, because I’ve invested so much.  I’m hoping it will end soon. 
  • Walking Dead talk: Wtf, Daryl? I love you.  Please come back.
  • I think I’ve decided to move, but only if I can find the perfect place.  I need extra space for Jackson and all of his stuff.  He has taken over my living room, and I don’t like it.  My lease is up in about four months, so I guess I need to start figuring it out.
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