round 4 recap

I met this amazing woman at chemo today.  She is 61 (though looks more like 50), and she has terminal lung cancer.  She was there with her daughter.  I was there with Ann.  We were sitting next to each other.  Ann and I spent the entire time laughing about stuff, because that is what we do.   Anyway, the lady kept looking over at me, and at one point she whispered to Ann, “Does she have cancer?"  Ann told her yes, and we started a conversation.  The lady said she couldn’t believe that I had cancer, because I was in such good spirits, and that she thought that was amazing and inspirational.  We shared our stories.  She kept encouraging me to share my positive attitude with other cancer patients.  What was crazy to me about this conversation is that she’s the one that has an amazing attitude.  She is terminal, but she is in very good spirits.  She was so positive and supportive.  She was going out of her way to bring some sort of joy to those that she encountered today.  She eventually got up to do something, and we spent time chatting with her daughter.  I told the daughter that I thought her mom was the inspirational one.  She agreed, of course, that her mom is very special.  Before they left, they hugged me and wished me luck.  People still manage to surprise me sometimes.  It’s nice. There seems to be an instant connection I feel when I meet another person with cancer.  I feel instantly at ease talking with them, which is not how I normally am when it comes to social interactions. I’m typically quite awkward when I meet new people.

It was also really cute, because when she found out my hair is actually a wig, she went on and on about how great it looks, and how she wants the same wig if she ever loses her hair.  I love how much people love the wig.  I’m definitely cutting my hair that way when it gets long enough.

Speaking of hair, it’s definitely growing back.  I really hope it doesn’t fall out again, but Dr. Naughton says Taxol may take it away.  🙁

I found out that I’m anemic.  I’m supposed to eat more iron rich foods. I ate the biggest cheeseburger ever for lunch.

This round is off to a bad start.  I feel horrible.  However, I just need to say that THIS WAS MY LAST AC CHEMO. OMG I’M SO FUCKING HAPPY ABOUT THAT I COULD CRY.  I’m halfway there.

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