• I love Jennifer Lawrence.  She is so real, and super hilarious and cute. It’s refreshing.
  • I now clean my apartment in 15 minute bursts.  I clean for 15 minutes and then I sit for 15 minutes. Repeat. This cycle never really ends on the days/nights I have Jackson.  He’s like a mini tornado, and destroys everything in his path.
  • I was in bed by 8:00 last night, and it was glorious.  Don’t hate.
  • I’ve been saving up money to buy new furniture/redecorate my apartment. Over the weekend, I acquired a new bedside lamp, a duvet set, and some new pillows. Next up: end tables, night stand, and a new headboard.  I like upholstered headboards. I found one that is a good deal, and will be ordering it soon.
  • I need more color around here. I’ve noticed that everything is a neutral color, with the exception of my red chair, which was acquired post separation.  When you are married, you have to buy stuff your partner likes too, and that is very restricting.  Well not anymore! I am buying the most outrageously girly stuff and I love it. Everything is colorful, has flowers, owls, or something similarly cutesy.  It’s fun to be free to discover what I actually like, and then go get it. I’m a fan of living alone.
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