I’ve been feeling pretty good the past couple of days.  My worst side effect right now is fatigue. I am always exhausted. I feel like I could sleep for days.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that I actually sleep at night.  I sleep for a few hours and then wake up for a few hours. I typically fall back to sleep 45 minutes before my alarm goes off. I hate that.

Work is keeping me really busy. I should be working right now, but I need a break. I’m not complaining. This is a good thing.  A really good thing. Things at the law firm are going really well, and I’m pleased.

I found out today that I can transfer my half-marathon registration to the 5k.  I think I’m going to do that tomorrow.  There is no way the half is happening, but I could do the 5k.  This way I’m not wasting $80.00 and I get some exercise.  I choose to see it as a win. I definitely need the exercise because…ugh.  So I’ll be doing two 5k events in April, because Ann and I are going to run one while we are in Nashville. 

In other news, I hired a lawyer today.  I recently discovered I was exposed to toxic waste growing up.  This article gives some of the details.  I can’t really say much about it, not that there is much to say right now, but I feel good about the decision.  Because fuck assholes who illegally dispose of toxic waste and cause people to get cancer. 

So yeah, there’s that.

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