• I have convinced myself that my super cute red shoes make up for the fact that my outfit today is boring. I had to wear pants today, because it’s cold and I already put away all the tights. I hate wearing pants. They never fit me properly, and the only pair I have that don’t look like clown pants on me are still too big. This is the plight of those of us without substantial hips and ass. 
  • I only had to wear pants because it’s fucking cold.  It was 82 yesterday and today it’s 43.  Go figure. I hate Missouri weather. I never should have left California. 
  • My arthritis is back. I woke up to a major flare, but I can’t go back on my meds until after radiation.  FML.  It’s always something.  I wish my body didn’t hate me so much.
  • I canceled my surgery today.  I didn’t cry. They told me to call when I’m almost done with rads so the doc can evaluate my skin.  I hope I tolerate it well. Stupid fucking rads. Stupid cancerous lymph nodes leaking all over the damn place.  That is what finally convinced me to do it. 
  • I have gained three pounds.  This is more upsetting to me than it should be.  (Thanks, bdd). I will be hanging out at the gym a lot this weekend.
  • I am writing this post from my new MacBook Air, which I love. Business expenses ftw. 
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