I’m at bankruptcy court waiting for my case to be called and it’s really boring. I forgot my Nook. So I’ve been texting Scott, who is in a consult right now. He will come back to the following texts, which he will love.

It’s J today instead of the Trustee. I hate J.

Though I have to admit she’s going fast and being pleasant enough.

Okay I was wrong. Not fast.

D is here wearing jeans with a suit jacket.

I think I’m going to start wearing dress sweats and crocs to court.

I think that the cause of the zombie apocalypse will be listening to too many mind numbingly boring 341 meetings. Thoughts?

We are still on the 9:00. I should be trustee. I will keep this shit moving on time.

Fuck this shit is boring. I might rather be at chemo. 🙂
Just kidding!

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