• I have tickets to go see The Neighbourhood in June. I am so excited. 
  • Speaking of music, the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album is really good. I like it a lot.  If they end up coming to St. Louis this year, then I will end up seeing all of my favorite bands in 2013 (the nbhd, tegan & sara, dave matthews band, and YYY).  That would be very exciting. 
  • My new bed and mattress are here, and I’m so happy.  I put it together myself, and fucked it up, but didn’t realize it until it started falling apart this morning while Dave and I were in it.  Oops.  Luckily, Dave saw the problem right away and was able to fix it.   I guess I should let him handle such things in the future.  He offered to put it together for me, and I was like ‘oh i’ve got this.’ Ha.  The teasing may never end.   Now that it’s assembled properly, I love it, and am very happy with my purchase. 
  • It totally figures that now that chemo is finally over my body is like ‘oh hey, let’s do this arthritis thing again. It’s been a while.’ My right knee is swollen and it hurts a lot. I need to ask my rads onc when I can start Enbrel again.
  • I’m signed up to go to a lymphedema seminar on May 10th. It’s all about prevention, early detection, and massage techniques. I’m looking forward to it, because it makes me feel like I have some control over whether I get it even though I don’t.
  • I think I had other stuff to say, but chemo brain strikes again. I wonder when the chemo induced brain fog will lift. Oh well. I’m going to get into my comfy new bed and read. 
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