I had my radiation simulation this morning. 

It was actually pretty interesting.  The first thing they did was make a mold of my head which will help them position me for my treatments. I have to be in the same position each time to make sure the radiation goes where it is supposed to go.  Then Dr. Lee and Dr. Zoberi came in and marked all over my chest and abdomen with markers.  They taped wire on top of the marks and then I had my scans.  These marks are very important and I had the option of trying to preserve them or letting them tattoo 5 dots to help with positioning during treatments.  I decided to go with the tattoos because they are very small, and I didn’t like the restrictions I would face trying to keep the marks and tape in place for the next couple of months.  I knew that would drive me crazy and that I would eventually ask for the tattoos.  The tech told me that it happens a lot. 

I will have 36 treatments starting on May 13th. I won’t be done until July 2nd.  That was kind of depressing to hear.

Good news today though.  Dr. Zoberi said he thinks it will be okay to start taking Enbrel again since I am currently in so much pain.  I have an appointment with my rheumatologist on Friday morning.  I should be feeling much better by Monday.  Yay!  I needed something good to happen. 

Check out some of my new body art:

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