I had such an amazing weekend. The mini vacation is just what I needed.  We ended up leaving early today because it was raining, which ruined our plans to rent a boat.  However, after returning to STL we had a nice lunch, a lovely nap, and then watched 5 or 6 episodes of the new season of Arrested Development.  it was a nice way to wrap up a great weekend.

This week is going to be crazy.  My partner is out of town, and we are crazy busy at the office.  Plus, I’m moving on Thursday.  I can’t believe it’s almost time.  I have a lot of packing to do.  

I did a ridiculous amount of eating and drinking this weekend, so I have to kick ass at the gym this week to make up for it. 

I’m exhausted.  Time to get into my comfy bed and do some reading. 

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