Some stuff –

  • I love this apartment.  LOVE.  
  • I have U-verse now, and that’s excellent. I spent last night sitting on the couch and watching movies on HBO.  It was delightfully normal, and just what I needed.
  • I saw World War Z today and I really liked it.  I was a little worried it would suck, but it didn’t. So yay.  It wasn’t scary, but neither was the book. I saw a preview for Insidious 2, which seems unnecessary. Why does everything need a sequel nowadays? 
  • My skin. It’s bad.  It’s peeling and freaking me out.  It hurts.  Percoset is my friend.
  • Six more treatments. 1 regular, 5 boosts.  I need this to be over now. I’m so over cancer treatment. Unfortunately, while radiation will be over, treatment won’t be.  I have (at least) 5 years of Tamoxifen to go, starting in August.  Of course, that will be a fucking cake walk comparatively.
  • I finally saw the new episode of True Blood. I’m interested in seeing where they are going with the Bill situation.  I hate Bill, but bad Bill is a lot more intriguing. 
  • Defending Jacob.  I loved it.  You should read it. 
  • I dyed my hair and it looks a lot better.  Oh and my eyelashes are looking pretty decent. I’m starting to feel kind of normal.  Well except for the skin nonsense. 
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