I’ve mostly stopped wearing my wig.  It’s just too hot.  I told myself that once I had full coverage, I would ditch the damn thing.  It has been nice, but I admit to feeling self-concious about it.  I have never had hair this short before.  I feel naked without my hair to hide behind. 

Surprisingly, I have actually been getting a lot of compliments.  Complete strangers approach to tell me my hair looks great.  I met a lady this afternoon who told me she loves my hair and that I have a face that can pull off a short cut.  I explained to her that it was growing out after chemo, and that I used to have much longer hair.  She thinks I should keep it short, and that it is, “Fabulous.”  That made me smile. 

I was also told today that I look like some porn star, a hot fem lesbian, and a riot grrrl.  

It has been an interesting day. 

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