things you should know

  • Industrial piercings fucking hurt.  It’s been a few weeks, and it still hurts a lot of the time.  It currently hurts quite a bit.  Ouch.  But it looks cool so whatever.
  • Claussen hot & spicy pickles are surprisingly spicy, and I have a high tolerance for spiciness.  I love them.
  • I’m addicted to chocolate chip cookies from STL Bread Co.
  • I go back to training tomorrow for the first time in three weeks.  I’m scared. I told Naarah to be gentle.
  • I’m running a 10k on Thursday morning, and I’m completely unprepared.  My goal is simply to finish.
  • The white couch is a no-go. I’ve come to my senses. Worst idea ever.
  • It’s difficult to find a decent grocery store in the city.  I found myself at a sketchy as fuck Shop ‘n Save this evening because I got lost. In this way (and I’m sure many others that I will soon discover), west county really spoiled me.
  • That said, you can take the girl out of north county, but you can’t take north county out of the girl.  I’ve got this.
  • I’m directionally challenged.  See above.
  • It is so great to live so much closer to all of my friends.  I get to see them for quick visits on week nights and it’s no big deal.  We got to hang with Carrie tonight, and it was great.  Loving this.
  • The worst part about my new place: it’s so far away from my awesome boyfriend.  Oh well.  That just means more sleepovers. 🙂
  • I’ve gotten good at finding the silver lining. 
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