numero uno

This was my first day of vacation.  It felt good to stay up late on Sunday night, knowing I didn’t have to go into the office this morning. 

The highlights:

  • 6+ mile run with the boyfriend.
  • Shopping at the Premium Outlets in Chesterfield. I’m a fan.
  • Drinks. <3
  • Halloween costume shopping with cute face and his dad.

These are my two favorite purchases from today’s shopping trip, where Dave and I bought all the things.  Not really, but it felt that way.  He called it binge shopping, which I thought was cute, and a fitting description.

Hot pink pea coat.  Dave talked me into getting this.  This pic does not do the color justice.  It’s gorgeous.

Sunglasses from Michael Kors.  Love these so much.  My shopping goal for today was to find new sunglasses for Mexico.  Yay!

Honorable mention: I talked the boyfriend into buying a new cologne that smells fucking amazing.  I cannot wait to smell him tomorrow. <3

And now that Jax is sleeping, I’m having a Breaking Bad marathon.  I’m three episodes into Season 2.  I’m so hooked.  

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