you fit me better than my favorite sweater

  • Today kind of felt like waking up from a coma. I’ve been out of it all week, but today I feel more like myself.
  • I picked up Gracie from the kennel this morning, and she had fucking fleas.  She certainly did not have fleas when I dropped her off. I flipped my shit like whoa.  I’m sure it would have been quite humorous to an outsider, but for me it was fucking hell. I should have been in bed, but instead I was washing all the things, vacuuming all the floors, bathing her multiple times. It was horrible. I haven’t seen any fleas since the initial sighting. Those motherfuckers better be dead. *fingers crossed*
  • My hair is what one might call a hot mess. It’s this really weird length that’s difficult to do much with. I have an appointment this week for another cut and color. I think I’m going to actually let her trim up the top and sides, because it needs some kind of shape as it grows out. A few more months and these bangs will be past my eyebrows.  Sweet.
  • Jax asked for a Batcave for his birthday, and I found one today. I am so excited to see the look on his cute face when he opens it. His birthday is the 16th, and he will be 4 years old. He’s having a party with all of his little friends at The Magic House.  I get him for his actual birthday this year, and I’m trying to think of something special to do with him.  I’m thinking a trip to Monkey Joes might do the trick.
  • My boobs are sore. Going in tomorrow morning for a check-up. The left one (rads boob) is looking a little wonky. It has a small bubble forming below the incision.  Looks like it’s probably some fluid building up under the skin, which hopefully isn’t too big of a deal and can simply be drained.   Otherwise, these babies are looking pretty good.
  • Wearing spanx 24/7 is fucking horrible.  My doc says I have to wear them for 6 weeks.  Liposuction is a fucking drag, just so ya know.
  • Recovery has been excellent for reading. I’m on my third book of the week, and I’ve officially completed my goal of reading 24 books in 2013. *check*
  • I’ve never been this person before, but I have this overwhelming urge to decorate my apartment with all kinds of Christmas-y stuff. Too soon?  Also, I kind of want it to snow.  WHO AM I?!
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