stuff that makes me happy

Today is very blah.  It’s rainy, cold, and dreary.  I overslept and I’ve been running around like a crazy person all morning. So, in an effort to improve my mood, I shall make a list of things that make me happy right now.

  • Catching Fire this weekend!!!
  • My jeans are too big and my bra is too small.  That means I’m shopping this weekend.
  • Vacation day tomorrow.
  • The Arctic Monkeys are coming to town in February. <3
  • I set up a 401(k). It goes into effect Jan 1, 2014. I feel like a grown up now. No more IRA for me.
  • My skin looks amazing.  I love Murad so much.
  • I’m suddenly getting lots of hair compliments again, and when my guy friends tell me my hair looks cute then it must be for real.
  • I’ve read 7 books in November, and there’s definitely time to get in one more.
  • Tonight is date night.
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