How did I do?

I love making resolutions for a new year.  Last year, I had a list of goals for myself, and I’m checking in to see how I did.  

hobbies – get some
I tried a few things, but haven’t found anything that really did it for me. Maybe it’s time to accept that reading and blogging are my two main hobbies. I honestly don’t have time for much else. I spend most of my kid free time with friends or with my boyfriend. 
keep running and keep improving
I rocked this goal, even through chemo and rads.  When I wrote this list, I could only run about 5k.  This October I ran a half-marathon and beat my goal time. 
vacation – take one
It’s hard to vacation when you are going through cancer treatment, but I did manage to take a weekend vacation to Cancun.  It was amazing.  Next year is looking much more promising on the travel front.
read more
I aced this.   My goal was 24. I have read 29 so far, and have at least a few more in me before the end of the year.  
attend more concerts
Done.  This year I saw: Tegan & Sara, The Joy Formidable, Dave Matthews Band,  Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, Jill and Kate, The Neighbourhood (twice!), Silversun Pickups, Cage the Elephant, and (part of a set for) Imagine Dragons. There may be more, but I can’t remember right now. 
take photos with a real camera
EPIC FAIL.  I take pics with my phone because it’s convenient. I just can’t be bothered to carry a camera around. I need to accept this. 
eat healthier
I think I have done this, though not as well as I had hoped. I’ve eaten a lot more veggies, and I’ve learned that I like a lot of them. I’m been preparing more meals at home. It’s a work in progress. 
learn to enjoy my own company
I’ve done this.  I’m no longer scared to go out on my own.  In fact, I bought a ticket to see The Arctic Monkeys even though I didn’t have a date. (For the record, I do have a date now, but I would have gone alone.)   I just purchased a single ticket to go see The Nutcracker next weekend.  This year I went to several meals alone, the art museum, and the movies. 
I’m working on my 2014 resolutions list.  I love this time of year.  
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