open up my head and let me out

  • I picked up a bunch of new followers in the last week.  Welcome. Check out my about me page if you want.
  • I had book club tonight. It was interesting, and I think I’ll go back, but I admit to thinking more than once during the evening: I gave up sex for this. Fail. Tonight was supposed to be date night.
  • I finally ordered the stuff I needed for my new Wii from Amazon, and it’s being shipped to an old address. I’m not even sure how this happened. FUCK. So this should be fun to deal with.
  • Our water park trip is official. I put down a deposit on the condo today. We are going to the Wisconsin Dells. I have never been to Wisconsin. I am strangely excited. I’m going to eat cheese curds while I’m there. It’s decided. 
  • This weekend I will be rollerskating. I haven’t roller skated since college. Back in 1998, Brad, James, Michelle, and I drove to Jefferson City to get our skate on.  Michelle got her ass kicked by a middle schooler, and I almost got thrown out for trying to fight the middle schooler. Don’t drink and skate, people.  I seriously miss college sometimes. Those were the days. #Mizzou-rah! 
  • OMG that last bullet point makes me sound so fucking old. I’m only 34, I swear.
  • Today I met with a client that I haven’t seen since 2011.  He didn’t recognize me at first, and finally said, “Oh you are much thinner and your hair is much shorter.”  I replied, “Yep, cancer will do that.”  I enjoyed the look on his face.  Commenting on my body/appearance is not cool, dude.  
  • Tomorrow is Friday! FINALLY. <3
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