one step forward and back two

  • I finished True Blood. I was really into season 6 until the last two episodes, and then I was like…fucking really? So disappointing. 
  • But HBO GO is a fucking win.  Watching HBO on my Macbook Air while sitting in bed? Yes, please.
  • You know what else is a win? The Martian by Andy Weir. I’m about halfway through and I’m really enjoying it.  It’s one of those books that makes you want to bail on real life to sit around and read all day. 
  • I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow and I’m excited.  I’m about two weeks overdue.  I have a pic of a style I like. I think I’m going to cut the back a lot shorter while I wait for the top and sides to grow out. I can’t deal with how it is right now. People say they like it, but I don’t. It’s so boring. I will be kind of sad to see the cute little ponytail go, but it will be back.
  • I had a lunch date with my boyfriend today.  This is turning into a Wednesday thing, and I like it.
  • I haven’t eaten any of the Girl Scout cookies in three days. I shall defeat these evil fucking things. 
  • I’m so tired. DST has me all fucked up. It’s hard to fall asleep at a decent hour and it’s even harder to wake up in the morning. 
  • And since it’s Wednesday, here’s a pic of my tired looking face.

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