i can’t be good at everything

Tim came over earlier.  He sat in one of the chairs at the breakfast counter and goes, “Is this thing going to fall apart?” All the chairs are super wobbly because I put them together myself. I seriously suck at putting things together. Ask Dave about the time I tried to put my bed together on my own. It’s one of his favorite Jennifer stories. (I did end up putting it together, and I was quite proud, but it kind of collapsed the next morning while we were having sex. Luckily, he is quite handy, so he took it apart and put it together correctly.  It has withstood much sex since that day.)

So anyway, I kept the little wrench thingy that came with the chairs. I took it out and tightened all the screws. No more wobbly chairs. Problem solved, right?  Wrong!  I found this under one of the chairs and I have no idea where it goes.



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