all the good stuff

  • It’s Friday. I have much fun stuff planned for the weekend. QA show. Six Row Vanilla Strawberry beer…fuck yes!!!! Arcade Fire. So much win.
  • I got my hair cut yesterday, and it was finally long enough for the cut I’ve been wanting.  OMFG I was so excited when I left that salon.  I was telling Dave last night that for the last year, whenever I looked in the mirror, all I could see was the cancer patient staring back at me.  My hair always had (imo) that ‘growing it back after chemo’ look to it.  Not anymore. It’s an actual fucking hairstyle. SO. PLEASED.
  • As of Monday, I am down six pounds. I’m like a pound away from my original goal (130), but I’m going to go ahead and lose some more, because that shit wasn’t even hard. I want to see the 120s.
  • My skinny jeans are too big.  This means shopping. Yay for shopping.
  • Every day I’m feeling slightly better than the day before. I rolled over this morning to look at Dave, and I was like ‘oh hey, I’m on my side!’ That was not possible even two days ago.
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