Sunday Seven: Mother’s Day Edition

  1. I just ordered a new pair of glasses. Mine are two years old, so I figured it’s time for a change. I ordered these from Warby Parker. I can’t wait for them to get here. 
  2. After all that bitching I did about how I wanted to wear a bra, I wore one for a couple of days and then I was like: Um…this fucking sucks.  So now I’m not wearing one, and it’s awesome.  Silicone has its advantages.
  3. Last night was the bestie’s birthday party, and I got so drunk.  Drunk  isn’t the right word. A more appropriate word is wrecked. I didn’t mean for it to happen, but I had a very active day and then didn’t eat very much.  Mix that with three glasses of really strong sangria and you have me ending the night on the bathroom floor. It was still fun though.  This is my favorite pic from the night. 
  4. We spend a lot of time making out in bars.  It’s our thing.
  5. Jackson and I have spent the day playing video games: Mario Kart, Wii Sports, Super Mario Bros, and Tetris. 
  6. Two years ago today was a very bad day, and I was worried that Mother’s Day would be forever tainted.  I’m happy to report that today has been a fucking delight, even with the hangover from hell. 
  7. I just have to say that I love this kid so much and I’m so happy to be his mom.  He’s the sweetest, smartest, funniest, and best boy ever.
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