seven somethings

  1. 18 days until my beach vacation. Not that I’m counting or anything. 
  2. I started taking a fish oil supplement yesterday.  It’s a natural anti-inflammatory, and studies have shown it to be effective in managing inflammation related to autoimmune conditions. I figure it can’t hurt. There are lots of benefits, and I made sure I got the good kind (no mercury and other crap). I haven’t taken Methotrexate in 25 days and so far I am flare free. (*knocks on wood*) I am still taking Celebrex, which I’m sure is helping a bit.
  3. I have been Tamoxifen free for 18 days. I can tell the estrogen is starting to do its thing again.  I’m more emotional (how is that even possible?). I’m having minor breakouts. But overall having estrogen back is fucking awesome. It’s going to be hard to start up again in August. I have a lot of very serious consideration to give this issue.
  4. This was a good weekend, but it went by way too quickly. I’m grateful that this is going to be a short work week. I’m just not feeling it lately. 
  5. I have eaten way too many cupcakes this weekend. I have to throw the rest of them out tomorrow. I cannot be trusted around baked goods.  The problem is that I’m starving and want to eat fucking everything.  Estrogen, is that you? 
  6. Everything hurts. Jillian Michaels isn’t playing around. 
  7. Is it bedtime yet?
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