7 ways to turn your Sunday around

  1. Lose track of time playing Infinity with your super cool kid.
  2. While drinking lots of Diet Pepsi (which you couldn’t get in Mexico and missed a ton)
  3. And while listening to old school DMB. (Rhyme & Reason, baby. My boyfriend got me listening to Under The Table And Dreaming again. Great album.)
  4. Go to the mall for impromptu shopping and lunch date with your favorite person. (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – need I say more?)
  5. FREE GIFTS WITH PURCHASE. (Lancome ftw. It’s really great stuff. So impressed.)
  6. Burn all the calories. 30 Day Shred.
  7. Then say “Fuck it” and decide to eat whatever you want.  Leftover Jet’s Pizza for dinner. Happening.
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