by the numbers: wednesday edition

  1. I have been awake since 4 am.  It’s starting to show.
  2. Today was crazy busy at the office. This has become the new normal.
  3. I chose my new office space today. Our firm is expanding. We have acquired additional space, and I’m getting an office upgrade. This means I get to pick out new furniture, decorate, and all that fun stuff.  November 1st is the day we can occupy the space.
  4. I wore my super cute new boots today. I love them. However, they gave me a blister. Boo.
  5. I discovered a new business called Insomnia Cookies, which delivers fresh baked cookies from 11 am to 3 am.  I’m within their delivery area.  And this is just another reason why city living fucking rocks.
  6. #5 is also just another reason why I need to recommit to my exercise routine. It’s hard though. I step on the scale expecting a nightmare and I see 130. So then I shrug and figure it must not be as bad as I think. Besides…cookie delivery. #yolo
  7. My creepy client referred to me as “excellent eye candy” today. Ugh.  Think it; don’t say it. For fuck’s sake.
  8. I have decided it is time to expand my horizons when it comes to cooking.  I’ve built cooking up to be this difficult thing that I hate to do, but really it’s pretty easy, and sometimes kind of fun.  Today I made spaghetti squash, which is something I’ve been interested in trying for a few years now, and it turned out really well.  It was super yummy. 
  9. I finally broke down and purchased Mario Kart 8, so now Jax and I can play remotely with Dave & his daughter.  We did it tonight and it was super fun.
  10. And now I shall eat Greek yogurt and read. This is how I roll.
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