On this Monday…

  1. I am tired. Very tired. I’m so thankful for the short work week.
  2. I am quite annoyed about something that happened at court this morning. I’m frustrated with someone’s constant incompetence. I need it to stop now.
  3. I get to see my boy tonight. I can’t wait to pick him up from school.
  4. I still have Christmas shopping to do tonight. I have a few more things to pick up for the boyfriend and the bff.
  5. I want a burrito from Chipotle for dinner. It has been decided.
  6. I’m in this weird place where I have a ton of stuff to do, and I’m overwhelmed by all of that stuff, so I’m just like…fuck it. So here I sit, blogging instead of working.
  7. How is it lunch time already?
  8. LinkedIn just alerted me to my work anniversary. I have operated/managed my own law firm for four years now. Wow. I think that calls for a celebration.
  9. Today is a glasses sort of day. My eyes are very tired. Xanax hangover is partially to blame, I think. My attempts to make sure I actually get some sleep typically make me feel even more tired the next morning. Counterproductive?

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