finally friday

  1. TGIF. I am so stressed about work stuff. It’s the beginning of our busy season at the firm. I’m already slammed, and I’m about to leave for a week, so I’ve been rushing to wrap stuff up. Not very good timing on my part admittedly, but this is the optimal time to see the Aurora Borealis, so work can suck it.
  2. Jamba Juice happened today. I haven’t had one since I moved back here from California. I’ve missed it. I’m so glad to finally have it in STL. Now if STL could get a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. And a Chin Chin.  Oh man I miss that place. 
  3. I think I’m going to watch Gone Girl tonight after Jackson goes to bed. I still haven’t seen it, and I loved the book. 
  4. I’m feeling sort of blah this week. I think it’s the combination of stress, those stupid ovarian cysts, and the Tamiflu I’m currently taking.  The ex has Influenza A, so Jackson and I are taking Tamiflu just in case. I do not want to be sick on vacation. Oh and the brutally cold weather is definitely not helping. 
  5. Today Jackson said, “I’m sick of winter, mom. I’m ready for summer now.” Me too, kid. Me too. 
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