Welcome back to civilization

Spending four days in the Icelandic wilderness will increase your appreciation for the little things. It really made me realize how much I take for granted.

Running water/showers (we got our drinking water from a stream. We boiled water when we needed it warm.)

Central heating. (It never got over about 45 degrees in the hut.)

Electricity/access to outlets

Indoor toilets/toilets that flush (YUCK!)

WiFi/Internet access (though the break was kind of nice actually.)

Properly hot food (lamb roasted for over an hour was still raw in the middle. I ate it anyway. I’ve eaten all kinds of stuff I never would have imagined. Hiking all day makes you very hungry.)

Beds, blankets, pillows. (Sleeping bags are uncomfortable. Too restrictive. Not warm enough.)

We ate and slept very well last night here in Reykjavik. It’s so nice to finally feel warm again.

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