welcome to the working week

  • I had an excellent weekend, though it wasn’t without a bit of drama. I am a jealous gf. If you touch my boyfriend, I may very well cut you. 
  • I guess it’s technically still the weekend for me, because I’m not working today. Instead, I will attempt to get some more packing and cleaning done. 
  • I get the keys to my new place on Friday morning. I drove by on the way home this morning and I saw the maintenance guys in there painting. I’m starting to get really excited, though I’m still pretty fucking overwhelmed, tbh. 
  • My Modcloth order should be delivered today. I finally snagged the Coach Tour Dress in houndstooth. This morning I received a notification that the Record Time dress was back in stock in black, so I had to snag that too. (Hi, I’m Jenn, and I have a Modcloth addiction.) But I needed the black dress for the outfit I’m planning for 90’s night at the end of the month. It’s going to be ridic cute.
  • Happy Groundrat Day.  This day makes me rage-y.
  • There is a new Jojo Moyes novella coming out on Feb 5th and I am super excited. Thanks to karaisafourletterword for letting me know. <3
  • I can’t wait to pick up my kid from school today. I want to cuddle, play with Legos, and watch super hero themed television shows.
  • I guess I should go be productive now. Boo.
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