Hi Jenn, I’m asking everyone the hard questions today. What would you change in your current life if there were no obstacles in your way?

I would make it so that I could stop taking Tamoxifen without having to constantly worry that my cancer would come back.  The side effects of this medicine are a real fucking drag. I don’t write about it here much anymore, because it changes nothing, but the side effects are still very much a constant concern. I have to take drugs to address those concerns, and those drugs cause different side effects.  It’s just one big circle of fucking bullshit, and I’m way over it.  It’s particularly difficult knowing that I could stop taking it and my life would go back to normal. But…how long would it stay that way? How long before cancer came knocking on my door again?

It was kind of scary how quickly this answer came to me.  I guess that shows just how much I hate this one aspect of my life.

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