tuesday truths

  • I am full of rage today.
  • I’ve cried like three times at my desk. Rage tears.
  • But I’ve been in a much better mood since I removed my bra. These fake boobs don’t need it anyway.
  • It pays to keep the talent happy. In this case, I am the talent. That probably sounds arrogant, but it’s accurate.
  • I’m looking forward to a night with the bf. I need it.  He says I can watch The Walking Dead while he cooks for me. He’s a fucking keeper.
  • I also need beer and ice cream. Happening.
  • I have been a work machine today. It’s amazing to me that I can produce this quantity and quality of work under this much stress. 
  • All I’ve eaten today is a granola bar.
  • I am insanely stressed.
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