they don’t love you like i love you

  • I’ve had Maps stuck in my head all day.
  • Guess who has cable & internet at home? This girl! Jackson is super excited that he can watch Netflix again.  It’s the little things that make a place feel like home, and this has gone a long way in making us feel more comfortable here. 
  • Of course, having access to Netflix, HBO Go, and the like is going to make it even more difficult to find motivation to continue unpacking. Ugh.
  • That feeling when you get home and put on your relaxation garb…that’s the best feeling.
  • My kid got sent home sick from school yet again. Five is a sickly age, apparently. My ex was nice enough to pick him up and bring him to me since I was dealing with the cable guy. I really value our co-parenting relationship. We are lucky. 
  • I hope I don’t get sick, because it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I have a hot date with the bf. Though honestly every date with him is a hot date. Yes, I know how disgustingly in love I am, and no, I don’t care at all that it’s annoying.
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