1. Yet another snow day. *sigh* But the roads have been cleared so I was able to go out and get my kiddo, and also a burrito. What else do I really need?
  2. I have an appointment with my oncologist tomorrow morning. I moved it up from April 27th to address the rib pain I’ve been experiencing.  If it’s bone mets I figure I need to know that asap. I’m trying not to think about it. I had a breakdown on Friday and cried all over the place. It’s hurting right now though so it’s hard to ignore. 
  3. I watched Teen Witch this morning.  It’s everything.
  4. Tonight I’m watching Big Hero 6 with Jackson, and then The Walking Dead after he goes to bed. I bought stuff to make muffins, so I may do that too.  Monday morning muffins sound lovely. 
  5. I read yesterday that there is going to be a sequel to Me Before You. So excited. I loved that book.  I’m currently reading The First Last Kiss
  6. I’m feeling very blah today. I need a hug. 
  7. Happy March!
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