1. It was a gorgeous day in STL today. It was in the 60s, and so the bf and I decided to meet up to take the kids to the park. We all needed an excuse to get out of the house.  Afterward, we all came back to my place where we ordered food and hung out. Tomorrow the four of us are going to Dave & Busters, which is always a good time. 
  2. I have the windows open and it’s lovely. I hope this weather lasts.  The forecast for the next week looks promising. 
  3. Spring forward tonight. Ugh. Though the extra daylight will be nice. 
  4. I’ve made it to Season 2, Episode 3 of Scandal. I’m planning to do some more binge watching after the kiddo goes to bed tonight. 
  5. I signed up for Le Tote yesterday, and I received notification today that my first tote is on its way. I’m so excited. I’m going to dedicate an entire post to it once it arrives.
  6. I have a photo project I need to get to work on. I’m making a collage to hang up in my living room, and I need to select and print all the pics. I also have a really cute picture of Jackson, Dave, Freya, and me that we took a few months ago at the zoo. I want to have that one printed and framed. Maybe I’ll post it here too. 
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