i just want back in your head

  • I’m working from my bed today b/c I’m not feeling so hot. It’s good to be the boss. Sometimes, anyway. 
  • Last night I was sort of depressed b/c I didn’t have my kiddo like I normally would, so I took myself out for dinner at my favorite Thai place. After that, I hung with Danielle & Ross (two of my absolute favorite people) and we drank wine while we chatted. Our conversations are always super animated, sort of mean, and definitely nsfw. I adore them. Anyway, it ended up being a good night.
  • I’m way off my reading game. I just can’t get into this book. I’ve been reading it since like mid February, I think. It’s time to pick something else to see if that helps. I’m still pretty far ahead of where I should be for the year though b/c January was a huge month for me.
  • I have leftover Tom Yum soup for lunch. <3 <3
  • It’s weird to see stuff on Timehop from three years ago. It feels like a different life. Today it showed a pic of me at a party, talking with my boyfriend’s now ex-wife and my now ex-husband. It also alerted me to the fact that three years ago this week my step-dad died. *sigh*
  • I’ve been looking into buying a new bed. I love the look of my current bed, but it’s sort of badly constructed (euro slats suck), and so my bf and I keep breaking it when we have sex. Tuesday night was the worst yet. Half the bed collapsed. It was pretty hilarious though. I love a good sex story.
  • justanotherinternetbitchyo has inspired me to go to Target and buy a bunch of hoodies. That’s happening at some point this week/weekend. She’s the cutest. 
  • Tonight I get to hang with my sweet boy. We have a date to build the 400 piece Lego set I bought for him in Chicago.  Afterward, my hot man is coming over to make me a late dinner. I’m a lucky girl. 
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