when i get sad, i stop being sad, and be awesome instead <3

Despite how stressed/anxious I am right now, and how I’m sort of sad for no good reason, I am completely aware (and grateful) for the fact that my life is fucking awesome. 

Let me count the ways:

  1. I have a healthy, smart, sweet and just generally incredible child. He is my heart. 
  2. I am crazy, head over heels in love with my boyfriend.  I didn’t even know such feelings were possible. And I’m falling in love with his amazing daughter as well. I see a bright future for us, and I’m very excited about it. 
  3. I am a fantastic lawyer with my own successful firm. Yes, it is very stressful, but we (the partner and I) built this from nothing and watching it grow has been amazingly rewarding. All these super stressful problems mean one thing: WE HAVE MADE IT.
  4. I have the greatest friends. I grew up feeling like I didn’t have a family I could count on, and so I went out and made my own. I couldn’t ask for better friends. They have gotten me through marriage, law school, the bar exam, pregnancy, divorce, and cancer…just to name a few. 
  5. I have made a beautiful home for myself and my son. I am giving him all the things I never had as a child: unconditional love, security, opportunity, financial stability, etc.
  6. I’m stable: emotionally, financially, physically. In fact, everything is so good right now that I’m actually scared that it’s too good to be true. 

But fuck that noise. I deserve this. I accept this, and I’m going to fucking own this. 

**this post has been brought to you by 1 Lorazepam, 1 Tramadol, and 2 generous glasses of wine. 

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